A nice ASCII clock

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ASCII clock

My C++ experiment to display the time in a nonregular retro demo looking style.

ASCII art is cool, but a living ASCII clock is much more cooler if you place it in your kitchen/bedroom/mancave!

Install & compile

You’ll need a linux console and a C++ compiler. No. It will not run on Windows. (It can run on Windows Subsystem for Linux, or in a virtual machine)

git clone
cd asciiclock

Or you can compile it manually, if it’s easier for you :)


Currently it has:

  • Digital clock display (analog is in progress)
  • 3 character sets for digital clock
  • 5 background effects (snow, starfield, fire, matrix, plasma)
  • 1 foreground effect (a rotating 3D cube)

You can quit with pressing the x or q keys. Foreground effect(s) can be toggled with f.

A small fancy video is available on YouTube about this whole thing :)